Looking for data about Libertarian voting patterns. (US politics)
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Is there any data about who self-described Libertarians vote for when there is not a openly-proclaimed Libertarian in a political race?

I've been Googling, etc. trying to find some decent data about Libertarian voting patterns and political preferences.

I'm defining Libertarian loosely, not just as someone who considers themselves to be aligned with the Libertarian Party, but even someone who uses the label "Libertarian" to describe themselves and their political views even if they see themselves as an independent or aligned with another party.

Is there any data, like exit-polls or other polling or research to quantify Libertarian political alignment when there is not an explicit Libertarian choice?
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You won't get anything useful. To look at races where there are no libertarians, you'd need to look at statewide or House races. And no survey, not even the megasamples in the CCES, will have a statistically useful statewide or district sample of even a generous definition of libertarians.
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