When did this "art action" happen?
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In late 1987 or early 1988 an artist named Lawrence McCormick threw red enamel paint on several artworks at an event at Linda Farris Gallery in Seattle. He did it to protest what he described as the toxic influence of elitist gatekeepers in the art world. I'm looking for the date that happened as precisely as possible.

My search skills have failed me.

The event prompted an organization I was involved with to develop policy for our gallery space. I have a copy of McCormick's statement about his purpose in doing what he did. I'm archiving a bunch of materials I have from that organization and I'm trying to establish a date for this manifesto.
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This website claims July 7, 1988
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"Farris Gallery Vandalized"
Delores Tarzan Ament
The Seattle Times, 9 July 1988
p. C5, Second Edition
The Linda Farris Gallery closed yesterday for cleaning after a paint-slinging act of vandalism Thursday....

The vandalism occurred about 8 p.m., when the gallery was packed with visitors to the Thursday-evening gallery walk. Lawrence McCormick, 44, began to fling red paint at the art and the walls. He said he was protesting the downing of the Iranian jetliner, and the unfair treatment of starving artists....
Elisions mine. Your local public library (or university library, etc., if you have access to one) should be able to get you a full copy of the article; it doesn't seem to be on the free internet. Checking a calendar, "Thursday" here would have been July 7, 1988.

If you weren't already aware — and it may or may not be relevant to you — McCormick died after falling from an I-90 overpass on or about July 29, 1988, in an apparent suicide.
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Thank you both. That's later than I thought it was. It's caused me to realize that our gallery policy came up for discussion as a result of a different issue earlier in the year, although the McCormick action did raise the subject again that summer.
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