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I'm looking for some shops or galleries in the Seattle area where I can expect to find art in the range of $100-$200.

I realize that this is totally vague, but I'm a complete newcomer to the world of art and am looking to find an original work for a gift for the SO. I'm not planning on just walking in anywhere and grabbing the first thing that I see, but I'd like some idea of where to look, or where to start looking. Ideally a place where I wouldn't get laughed at for having a relatively modest budget.

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Go to college art department shows and sales. Many departments have sales at the end of the semester. The prices are lower because it is student work and there is no gallery mark up. Just because they are students doesn't mean the work is going to be amateurish, some of it is quite wonderful and you are getting in on the ground floor. If you are set on a gallery experience, the coop galleries will probably offer cheaper inventory than more traditional galleries because the members contribute their time to cover the overhead so the mark up is less. I am sure Seattle must have some version of an Open Studio event where you could visit several artist studios and buy direct from the artist.
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I've found wonderful, affordable artwork at Blue Bottle Art Gallery on Capitol Hill.

I would also suggest Fancy and Schmancy; they have rotating exhibits with affordable pieces, as well. I don't know what the current exhibit is though. If you want to visit, they're in the Belltown area, next door to The Moore Theatre.

Good luck! And bonus points for your post title!
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Now THAT'S walkin' around money!

I love Fancy (source of my mister's wedding ring!) and Schmancy. And Nancy, and Pants, though less relevant to your question. Also, I have noticed lots of coffee shops have rotating art exhibits. I can dredge a few up from memory, or you could just check the indie cafes that you know of -- although even some Starbucksen have been known to display local art.

We once got a totally cute print from a random restaurant on Vashon that also had a rotating artist hallway. So, I guess, don't restrict yourself to galleries.

If you want company let me know. I need an art for my new house.
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I just saw some cute stuff at Bouncing Wall towards the north end of Queen Anne Ave. The shop has clothes and accessories in addition to art, and I gather that it's all made by locals.
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2nding the Blue Bottle! I love that place, their stuff is so awesome - really check it out. I'll probably buy some Christmas gifts there too!
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http://www.okokgallery.com/ is awesome

check out http://www.etsy.com if you're amicable to shopping online; i've bought awesome stuff there for $30 and under
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(I am the anonymous OP).

I ended up going to Blue Bottle and finding an amazing, graphic print with all the right colors. They had one already framed ($35 unframed, $70 framed), so I had her wrap it up and I took it home with me. Gave it to the SO on Thursday for our anniversary and it went over great! It's now hanging up in our living room.
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