Where do I go in Buffalo for one hour of quiet time and wifi?
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I will be traveling to Buffalo, NY this weekend. I also have to give a remote presentation via anymeeting. So I need a place with wifi and and quiet (and where I won't bug anyone by talking into thin air). My webcam won't be on so I don't need a backdrop or anything.

I land at the Buffalo airport around 10 am and pick up a rental car. Presentation is at noon. I'll of course check in with the hotel I'm staying at (downtown) to see if there's anything I can use there. They list check in time as 4pm though, so I am doubtful about getting into my room earlier.

Budget is pretty nonexistent, but if anyone knows of a coworking space or anything that would be suitable, I'd gladly throw a couple of bucks toward this. Also willing to entertain staying at the airport if there's anything there? I haven't flown into BUF before and it's hard to get a feel from their website.
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Even if you can't get into your room, many hotels have a business area and/or meeting rooms. If they're not booked and the wifi is hotel-wide, that might be a good option.
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Best answer: Nothing at the airport, as far as I'm aware. There is a co-working space downtown, Co-work Buffalo, though I don't think they have weekend hours. Is your presentation today, or Saturday/Sunday? A lot of the coffee shops and cafes (and heck, even some of the Tim Hortons) will be quiet enough mid-day on a weekday, but likely not on a weekend.
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The big Buffalo and Erie County Public Library on Clinton and Ellicott? They have a quiet area, the map says.
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I would definitely ask at your hotel, both about getting into your room early and if they have an office/meeting space you can use.

Some of the coffee shops have potential, though many are open format, so any loud talkers that arrive may get picked up by your mic. If you have a good enough mic situation, this may be a really good back-up option.

It's worth checking out the libraries and seeing if any of them have a meeting/presentation room you could use. A quiet room will expect you to be quiet, so no go on actually giving the presentation.

This is going to be a weird suggestion, but stay with me. Call Michael's or Joann's craft stores. They often have classroom spaces that are open to the public for classes/meetings/parties/etc. Explain your situation and see if you can use their space for your presentation? I'm not sure about the wifi situation though.
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The airport's pretty small, and there's a lot of traffic, so I wouldn't suggest it. Nearly every hotel will allow you to check in early these days. Call yours and see if it's possible. Even if it's not, lore's suggestion of using a meeting room/"business center" is a good one.

I've personally made calls at Globe Deli on Elmwood before, but not presentation stuff, just normal business calls. It's a pretty subdued place, although you do run the risk of background noise, especially on the weekend. The coffee shops in the area (Spot, Caffe Aroma) would not be a good idea - they're pretty loud by coffee shop standards.
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Best answer: Seconding the Central (downtown) library, and here are wireless instructions to save you a bit of time. I'd suggest going up to the Business section on the top floor; it is usually quiet there.
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