Need to move a heavy piece of equipment across San Francisco
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I have a large piece of workout equipment that I need to move across San Francisco.

The tricky part is that there are stairwells on both sides, and it weighs about 400 pounds. I'd like to get a specialized mover, since we will need some help with this, but I can't seem to suss out who is legit, or really find many options. I'm not a fan of craigslist, and the value and difficulty of it means I'd rather be done professionally.

Does anyone have any experience doing something like this? Is there a better term than "movers" to look for, since that is generally a scam-filled SEO hell-hole.
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Best answer: Use Yelp, and look for piano movers.
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Best answer: Yeah, Yelp. I found good movers in Oakland a few years back via Yelp.
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Best answer: "stair-dolly" might also be a helpful term.
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Best answer: I recommend Corrib. I used them to move a large sofa through some very challenging geometry*, and found them to be careful, friendly, and extremely competent. The sofa was certainly not as heavy as your exercise equipment, but they also do piano moving.

* I thought it wasn't gonna be possible, and they'd have to hoist it through a window or something
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Best answer: Anyone who can move appliances can move this. That will exclude many of the two guys and a truck operations, but most of the larger movers do this sort of thing all the time.

You will probably need to pay for four guys for a couple hours. When you call for quotes, try to be as specific as possible. Be aware that they may also want to take it apart if possible.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
We checked out Corrib but found a few minuses specifically for larger things, but poking around through appliance and piano movers on yelp, my wife found a well-reviewed company that specializes in moving PITA machines like this between studios, and was close to the drop-off point.
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Response by poster: Everything moved yesterday without a hitch. We went with Sierra Schleppers, in case anyone has this specific problem in the future.
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