Health insurance for a visitor to USA
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I'm looking for suggestions on companies to purchase health insuarance for a person (age 60+) visiting USA for about 6 weeks. If you have made a claim with a company and was succesful in the claim, it is a plus. Thanks.
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When I lived in Canada, i bought travel medical insurance from RBC that would cover me in the states. I did end up using it twice (urgent but not extreme medical needs) and the claims paid out no problem. Are there local options for you for travel medical insurance?
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This article has some helpful information (scroll down past the large photo).
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What country is the visitor from? Travel insurance would cover this in a lot of countries.
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My grandad (who lives in the UK) has successfully had claims paid by the plan he buys when visiting the US (I don't know who the company is--they are UK-based; this is a thing you buy in your country of residence, not the US). However, the actual point of this comment is to say that as he's gotten older, the length of time he can buy a plan for has gotten shorter. I want to say it was 6 or 8 weeks in his late 60s/early 70s and then dropped to maybe four weeks. I don't think there is an age at which they'll start refusing to insure him.
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I used them last year and got reimbursed for some minor injury
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My employer recommends Richter International to their employees in this situation.
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