Good used auto dealership in LA?
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Can someone recommend a good used-car dealership in the Los Angeles area?

I've got a budget between $5-7k and am looking for a no-hassle, non-swindling car dealership (if such a thing exists). I need the car ASAP, so the less bargaining, etc. I have to do, the better. Ideally, I'm looking for something like a Civic or Corolla (since I hear that's my best bet for the kind of money I have--other suggestions welcome) but if there's a really excellent dealer specializing in other makes and models, I'm willing to change. I'm in the Eagle Rock/Pasadena area, but am willing to go further for good deals. Any other tips/suggestions when buying a new car (especially in LA) welcome, i.e., should I worry about smogging the car?
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try the bbb
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I bought a used vehicle from Rusnak in Pasadena back in October. I did bargain, but it was minimal. I didn't get that dreaded "oh gawd, I'm getting screwed" feeling. But then again, I did get the car for far under KBB. I don't know if they have anything in your budget, but they did have quite a variety. I was looking for something still under warranty, so it was higher than your price range. E-mail is in profile if you want a salespersons name.
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