Mystery white compound/substance on car?
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So I fell for one of those parking lot dent-repair scams. My dent is actually gone, but I am left with a strange white substance that the guy sprayed on my car that is a mother to get off. Anyone know what this stuff could possibly be and the best way to remove it?
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Oh no! Live and learn. That stuff is likely a wax and will be best removed with a heat gun or hair dryer and a microfiber cloth. But it may require sanding or machine bufffing, if not new paint.

And bad news... Your dent is likely.not "gone," it's just under all that wax. Or did he actually use a dent puller?

You likely need to take it to a proper body shop anyway. Usually those parking lot guys do more damage than repair. You'll need to repaint the area when the compound is off, almost guaranteed.
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Not sure what you've already tried but maybe Goo Gone would work.
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I'd be careful about using GooGone or any acid on a car's painted surfaces. Try a small area first.
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