For a coder, what job is good preparation to work at a code school?
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I'm a mid-level web developer between jobs. Some day, I want to be a teacher a code school/boot camp. There's a specific one that I'm most interested in, and I know people there, but right now it's just out of my league. They generally look for solid programming experience (got that), plus at least 100-200 hours experience teaching coding or related material, in any context, even volunteering.

I already have some experience doing volunteer programming tutoring. I see 2 options:
  1. Find a tech job that involves a lot of teaching/training, or something related that they'll see as a close substitute.
  2. Find a totally unrelated coding job and keep volunteering on the side until I get the necessary experience.
Can you folks think of something that fits the bill for #1? Or should I just go with #2? I'm willing to move or work remote.
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Volunteer at a coder dojo near you?
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Adjunct at a university or community college?
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Stack Overflow?
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Consider writing a book.
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Lots of high schools are looking for CS teachers through TEALS. Or you could volunteer at a summer program, e.g. CTY.

For #1, jobs like "developer advocate" could fit the bill. Some tech companies like Stripe also run tech classes to teach coding to interested staff who aren't developers.
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Most companies I've been at are super encouraging of developers wanting to share their knowledge, for example via brown bags. Larger places have their own internal training programmes you can be part of. So I think you should aim for the best software engineer job you can find and look to teach as part of that.
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Apply anyways and see if they accept you.
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internal training. it's great for the team and keeps you on your toes. i did oop, design patterns, core javascript, etc. so fun.
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Design a course, say... 30 lectures, 20 minor exercises, and 10 assignments. Video yourself giving these lectures. Refine the course and re-record lectures as needed. That is to say, don't wait for students, go ahead and teach a course. That'll give you a portfolio to give employers, and it'll give you huge confidence in interviews. Maybe do 2 or 3 topics with diverse technologies.
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Software Carpentry volunteer.
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