Improving Professionalism and Interpersonal Skills
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Please recommend some resources (books, websites, I guess maybe...tutorials? IDK) for improving my presentation and professionalism at work.

I'm comfortable with the actual work I'm doing, but I'm struggling to adjust back to having a job after some time away. A lot of the advice I've found is very business and management focused, and I don't always understand how it relates to my role/field (small agency, non-profit). I already read Ask A Manager, but I find a lot of the advice too specific sometimes and I have trouble generalizing it.

I would be interested in reading books or articles, especially if they have practical advice like exercises. Websites, podcasts, etc, also fine. I'm not interested in individual tips or hints at this time, since I want something more broad to help me develop my judgment and presentation, not just advice on one situation.

Extra special bonus points for resources for
-people with ADD
-autistic people
-cross-cultural communication

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You Say More Than You Think by Janine Driver is on body language and has a 7-day training plan. I found her book a mixed bag, but think it could be really useful to some.
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Also useful is Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People by Susan Benjamin
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Ask a manager wrote a FANTASTIC book, Managing to change the world. It talks about managing up and professionalism very clearly, as well as giving insight as to be effective in your role and setting priorities.
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