Seeking the Rebels' Death Star video from Star Wars
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I'd like to get hold of a copy of the video that the Rebel leader uses in the briefing scene from Star Wars, to illustrate their strategy for attacking the Death Star - i.e. the video being displayed on the screen in the background in this scene. Does anybody know if such a video exists, and if so, where I could find it?
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You may be able to get animated GIFs of it that are pulled as screen caps, though I don't know if Disney's IP folks have been vigilant in sending copyright notices out.

I forget if the Blue covered it, but there was a good bit of internet chatter a few months ago about how everyone thinks the attack/trench run was made on the equator of the death star, but it actually wasn't. (And you can see in the clip, it wasn't the equator). Those articles would be one place to start looking for GIF/clip of just briefing
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This appears to be something someone created rather than the actual original video, but might be close enough?
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Best answer: Higher-res, without narration.
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Larry Cuba was the animator at ILM who made the original, according to this blog post. Cuba even responds to the post (which went viral in some circles when it came out last January) with a correction, so we know he's still around. Why not drop him a line, if the above video doesn't work for you?
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Came to mention Larry Cuba as well. Here's a low-res video about how he did it.

I think EndsOfInvention's video is pretty clean, though. I'd go with that.
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Response by poster: Yes, that looks more than good enough for my purposes. Thanks all!

and may the force be with you

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