Indoor "home, sweet home" type sign?
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I am trying to spruce up my new place with a "home, sweet home" type sign that will be hanging indoors - something homey or uplifting but not overly saccharine and nothing too witty/sarcastic. I am interested in something warm over something sassy. Any suggestions?
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I my kitchen I have a cross-stitch sampler that my grandmother made, and it definitely has the homey vibe while not having a specific message.
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I found mine at the Goodwill (in the Midwest) for a dollar. It's a family of wooden painted cows, complete with a tiny bell. Depending on where you're located, the Goodwill or any secondhand shop can be a good place to find homey decor.
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I have a little plaque by the door that says "May you always have good friends and old wine."
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Also: Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open. - John Barrymore

Or simply.-- Home -- Family -- Blessing
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Seconding going to an actual (physical) store and seeing what you can find. You'll get a better sense of whether an item "belongs" than from just browsing online.
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I painted a small canvas that says "Welcome Home" in white text on a multicolored background. It's hanging just inside our door so it's the first thing you see when you come in.
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My sister painted "Enjoy Every Sandwich" on a canvas that now lives in my kitchen. Homey with a heavy dose of bittersweet!
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This is kind of specific and weird, but there's a line in one of my favorite songs that I desperately want hanging in my kitchen somewhere: "December's lying near but in the oven's heat this house is now a home." Just the second half ("In the oven's heat...") would be sweet too. One of my friends is big into cross-stitch/calligraphy/artsy stuff and has promised to make this for me, because she's the best.
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For my sister, I ordered a handmade sign from Etsy that says, "Come to me, I will bring you home." It's such a simple, warm phrase. Using Etsy, I picked out the colors I wanted and the font. Easy peasy. Took about 3 weeks to make and deliver because it was handmade.

I chose it because her home is a haven for all.
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When I was a seminarian at Duke and serving in a small rural church in North Carolina, I was visiting a family one day when the husband said this to me:

"Pardon the house, but we live here."

Barring that, quatsch wins the thread. I love that quote.
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I'm partial to 'Home is where them fuckers ain't'
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