Know any bridesmaid hairstyles that still look good the morning after?
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Any recommendations (pictures please!) for fancy up-dos or just pretty hairstyles that'll still look good after a night's sleep?

I'm going to be a bridesmaid. It's not my first time but it is the first time when the bride is going to be paying $750 for her own hair and makeup and has asked if I'd want to splurge $170 on my own hair and makeup by the same makeup team (tip is not included in that price). The prices are to me a bit insane, especially given that we're going to be in the suburbs of NJ, and I'm already spending hundreds of dollars on airfare to fly from Asia for the wedding.

So I feel more pressure to look nicer than I've ever looked at a wedding before since I think many will be paying the $170 for hair and makeup. I'm going to visit a salon the night before to get my hair done for a more reasonable price but would need help on a style that would look good even after sleeping on it. The wedding is in the morning before any salons will be open. Anyone have any advice (and pictures for reference)? I have long somewhat thick wavy hair.

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I can't offer any advice on styles that will hold up well after a night's sleep, but I can suggest finding out exactly how early the salon will open. Some salons that do a lot of bridal business open ridiculously early because they know the craziness of wedding schedules. At least, this has been the case in my experience. I can tell you a horror story about having to get to a salon at dark o'clock for a hair and make-up appointment.
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If you want a straight blow out, there's a protective way make it last overnight. Ask the stylist to wrap your hair around your head and pin with bobby pins, and then tie a silk headscarf around your head like a bandana. I have no idea what this method is called, but I had a hairstylist do this for me and when I took everything down then next day my heart looked perfect. That said, I also have thick long wavy hair and blowouts last well without doing all of that. I'm not sure any other style/updo would look the same after sleeping on it overnight, but it's worth asking the hairstylist at the salon. Good luck!
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Sorry if the question wasn't clear:

The $170 would be for the service of the makeup team who would show up on site for the wedding. I am choosing NOT to do that. The salon I'd be going to has nothing to do with the wedding. It's just a salon I know that does hair at reasonable prices. They 100% will not be open by the time I need to get read for the wedding on a Sunday morning.
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Honestly, no way, unless you can sleep without your head on the bed. You'll look like a mess. You could do what Champagne Supernova suggests and get a good blow out, and see if you can pull it up a little yourself in the morning.
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How formal is your dress? If it were me (with your hair), I'd get the blowout per Champagne Supernova, and then do a loose & low side ponytail or messy side bun. Just make sure there's volume at the crown (from the blowout) and a little give on the non-pony/bun side (to give some balance, i.e. that side shouldn't be totally slicked back). Maybe stick a little flower or gold something or other in there to make it "fancy".

Or, just wear it loose and down. (And I guess put a flower or gold bar in it.) If your makeup, dress, and accessories are on point, and your hair is shiny, conditioned, and recently cut, I think you should be fine. (But fyi, I hate dos that look overly done, defined, shellacked, etc. just fyi. E.g. plastinated-looking sausage curls.)
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There is no hair that is going to look "nicer than ever" slept on. Find a different salon or call salons to find someone to come to your hotel room to do you hair the morning of the wedding.
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Yeah, seconding everyone that sleep is not going to do your hairdo any favours. Even a blow-out... heck, I've had my hair start to curl again within an hour of leaving a salon, but that was a white girl who didn't have the first clue what to do with my really thick, wavy brown girl hair.

Your best bet is to follow cotton dress sock's advice, if you're absolutely sure you want to do this.
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I don't know... I got my hair done in an up-do for prom, with tons of hair pins and hair spray, and it was still an up-do after I had slept on it for one night. I wouldn't risk it - I didn't do it on purpose, I just couldn't deal with taking all the pins out after prom night - but it does happen.

That said, the above-mentioned blow-out may be your best bet. You could curl the ends or have another bridesmaid who also doesn't want to spend 170$ (!!!) on her hair help you with an
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How comfortable are you doing hair? Cotton Dress Sock is right - almost any style will look better with a professional blow out as a 'base.' You could even just tong in some curls and wear it loose the day-of, and it'll probably look quite nice if it's been blown out the night before.

If you are going to get a blow out, you could get one of these weird corrugated ponytail holders to tie your hair up at night. They're genuinely good at preventing ponytail bumps
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Where is the wedding, and what time do you need to be there Sunday morning (assuming you won't need to be present for the bride getting her hair and make up done)?

Blowout dry bars are everywhere these days, and a lot of them are open Sunday mornings. If I were in your shoes, I'd do my own makeup and get a $40 blowout and then meet up.
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If you can't make it Sun morning to a blowout bar, I've done something similar before. I had my hair curled (I think with some mousse and other stuff, not hairspray); then my stylist loosely pinned the curls to my head and put on a hair wrap. The next morning, I shook out the curls, twisted and pinned half of up, and did a whole hairspray thing. (I'm good friends with my stylist and I'm comfortable doing my hair, which is fine so YMMV.)
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If you slept in pin curls, your hair could look decent in the morning.
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Do you know what the other bridesmaids will be doing as far as hairstyles? A lot of times there's a similar 'feel' or theme to them. Just thinking that you might look or feel out of place if everyone's doing a super-tightly-curled and pinned updo, and you come in with a loose, boho braided look.

The reason I'm asking that is you miiiiight be able to get away with an overnight on a blowout or a purposefully messy, rustic braid or half-updo, (with the help of silk scarves, headwraps, and if you barely move in your sleep) but not on other styles.

I know it's a good chunk of change to get it done with everyone else, but not only will you be able to ensure you look 'in line' with everyone, it's also time spent with the group that might be fun/relaxing.

To put it in perspective, also, I don't think that amount is especially outlandish in NJ. Most on-site bridal party makeup is about $75 and hair is $50-100. The $ the bride is paying is bonkers, though, unless she's getting extensions and all sorts of other add-ons.

If this is something you will be doing regardless, here are some styles I think might work if you are careful about pre-sleep strategy, and if you're handy enough with styling products to spruce it up the next day. Keywords I used are loose, waves, boho, undone. I would stay away from anything full-updo.

Um, also be aware that some styling products start to dry and flake after many hours, especially if they're mussed with or rubbed. Like, against a pillow. Then it can look like your hair is peppered with dandruff flakes.
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have you considered JUST getting your hair done by the people the bride is hiring and doing your own makeup? Would that bring the cost down, or is the cost of JUST hair $170? I'm getting married in a few weeks and a bunch of my bridesmaids are opting to pay for just hair, or just makeup, only a few are paying for both.
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Um, also be aware that some styling products start to dry and flake after many hours, especially if they're mussed with or rubbed. Like, against a pillow. Then it can look like your hair is peppered with dandruff flakes.

Good point. Not sure how things get done at salons near you, or if it's possible with your hair, but I've had blowouts that were done with just very capable and directed (and "overdirected") blow-drying (hot hot hot, until the hair is bone dry & completely *set*) & like a smidge of serum for shine. If there's a ton of mousse and god knows what in there, it could very well flake. A bit of hairspray might help it hold - you can carefully brush it out the next morning.

But as nerdfish says, it's often easier to style hair that's *not* freshly washed, might benefit some of the suggested styles. You might want to try a few of them out before the day so you're not figuring it out under pressure. Give yourself a DIY blowout some night, then play the next day.

Just thinking that you might look or feel out of place if everyone's doing a super-tightly-curled and pinned updo, and you come in with a loose, boho braided look.

Just realized this as well... if the bride is paying that much for hair, in suburban NJ, she probably does have something sausagey and complicated in mind (if she's like other brides I've seen/celebrated in suburban NJ). Probably good to clear ideas with her.
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Yeah, sadly that price is not outlandish for suburban NJ. I would find out how many other bridesmaids are opting out before you decide to do your own hair and make up. (If everyone else has false lashes on, you're going to look weird if you haven't done the same)
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Nthing what everyone has said here that there's really no updo that holds well after a night's sleep.

Could you maybe find someone to go to your hotel room and do your hair? You don't need to tell them it's for a wedding, you could just say it's for a birthday photo shoot or something to keep the price reasonable.

Also, if I was the bride, I'd be a bit insulted if one of my bridesmaids showed up with hair that looked like it had been slept on. Which, with an updo, is undoubtedly going to be evident.

Another option is to have someone show you how to do a particular style, practice a few times doing it on yourself, and then do that the morning of. Sleeping in an updo really isn't a good idea.
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I have been a bride and a bridesmaid and I think it's somewhat unfair for your friend to not offer to help with the price of the hairstyling considering you are traveling so far for her wedding and likely have already spent a significant amount of money on a bridesmaid dress. $170 is no small change.

I would check to see how formal a style the other women are going for and if they are also paying to have the same stylist for hair and makeup. If one of them is also looking for other options maybe you could figure something out together.

Alternatively, if the styles are not incredibly formal I would recommend that you practice your braiding. Braids are one of those things that most people think are quite complex but can be really simple once you have the basics down. A fishtail braid ending in a bun (example here) is pretty quick to style and always looks fairly formal. French braids and dutch braids can be tucked under (example here and here), take about 5 minutes (I have done these on my way to work without a mirror), and look particularly nice with long thick hair. Or you can layer braids (example here). You will need bobby pins and hair elastics. Hair that has not recently been washed will hold better.
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I do this all the time. My hairstyles last for a week or two just by wrapping it or covering it with a silk scarf. To my knowledge only black women still do this to their hair at night, but I suppose back in the day all women did this. The scarf is essential to protecting your style. Go to a Sally beauty store and buy a silk wrap scarf and bonnet. Ask the clerk, they'll help you out. The scarf and bonnet will keep your hair in the safe place all night long. Also, Google how to protect hairstyle at night or how to wrap hair if you get a blowout.
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