Seeking info re: Opioid Detox and Rehab in NY area
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I'm doing some research about opioid detox and treatment for a family of my acquaintance and would like info and opinions regarding the following:

1- Is there a detox in the New York (or surrounding) areas where an opioid user can go voluntarily and has a kind staff? In a detox, are no psychotropic drugs allowed at all, even if, for example, the individual is prescribed an anti-anxiety medication for panic attacks?

2- What are the best drug rehabilitation programs in the New York (and surrounding) areas?

3- What are thoughts about necessity of a residential (versus day) treatment program for opioid addiction?

Note: I worked at Daytop for a number of years in the 80's. I'm wondering if there are programs that are not as "tough" and unforgiving as this type of "t.c." (therapeutic community).
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No personal experience but I've heard good things about Hope House in Albany.
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Not a detox, but contact Exponents for the outpatient treatment options.
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