drug addled chimp?
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Trying to locate a study in which they gave a chimpanzee (or other ape?) all the hard drugs he wanted (though it may have just been cocaine and/or heroin?) and found that with sufficient care, the subject actually lived a perfectly healthy and long life.

I may be crazy, maybe this study doesn't exist, but I'm pretty damn sure I read about it years ago. Anyone know of such a study?
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Nim Chimpsky was given recreational drugs, but not hard drugs.
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I think you may be thinking of the Monkey Drug Trials of 1969. Caveat: all that appears to exist online regarding this study are a handful of blog postings, so even this may be an urban legend. In any case, if it is real, none of these poor animals lived a long or healthy life.
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This is not what you're looking for (sorry) but in case it's useful or interesting: Rat Park.
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xenophile's referenced study, almost certainly. Self-administration at Wikipedia.
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