How do I clean the inside of my Weber gas 3 burner barbecue?
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Can you please give me the best method for cleaning the inside of our Weber gas barbecue which is full of ashes and food residue. We need to clean the firepan, the flavour bars and the grill. Separately, the paint seems to be shredding, that is in teeny pieces, from inside the hood. Is there any way to treat this, and prevent it from continuing.
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1) Dump/blow out anything dry and loose

2) Get the grill real hot for 15-20 minutes to burn up anything stuck/loose inside (this is generally how you keep grills clean, by using them)

3) Scrub whatever you safely can while hot (grate, inside of the lid) with a wire grill brush or steel wool gripped in tongs. In a pinch you can use a big ball of scrunched-up aluminum foil gripped in tongs.

4) Let cool and take out the flavor bars and other removable bits and scrub with wire brush. Scrub out the flaking paint where you couldn't reach it before.

5) Lightly oil everything (maybe not the actual gas outlets, but everything else including the inside of the grill and the bars and the grates) with vegetable oil on paper towels or old clean rag. You want to clean whatever you can with the oil and also leave a light sheen of oil on everything because finally you're going to:

6) Run the grill hot again 15-20 minutes to polymerize the oil on everything (just like seasoning a cast iron pan), improving its future non-stickiness.

Fire and wire should be doing pretty much all your grill cleaning. It looks like the flavor bars are meant to be replaceable parts, you may want to do that if you think yours are damaged or too gunked to do their job.

(Alternate answer: look up "how to clean Weber grill" on youtube. Instructions for everything are on youtube.)
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The stuff on the inside of the grill hood is not paint, it's grease and smoke deposits.
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I like to take this kind of stuff to a car wash with a pressure washer after you do the burn out type stuff described by Lyn Never. It's the go-to method I use to clean my gas grill after a particularly messy summer.
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If it's been a while, and you've got a lot of ash/residue, you can use a rubber spatula to get a lot of it off. This is basically step 1 of Lyn Never's plan above.

Weber makes a lot of cleaning products, most of which will have instructions on how to use them.
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Missing steps from above:
#4.5. Use a putty knife to scrape out the accumulated grease and ash from the inside of the grill body. Grimace, curse, and moan quietly.
#4.6. Vow never to let the grill get this gross again.
#4.7. Immediately forget vow.
#4.8. Line the bottom of the grill with foil, in a vain attempt to limit future grease accumulation.

Other than that, spot on, Lyn Never!!
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