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I need a recommendation for a tax preparer in Portland, OR for a mildly complicated tax situation. I've had bad luck trying to find someone good in the past. Do you have someone you like?

My complications include RSUs, an ESPP, and rental income from another state. An office downtown or in the Pearl would be ideal, but isn't required. Taxes are something that I find extremely stressful, so I'd really like a personal recommendation for someone who can make it relatively easy and won't make me feel stupid.
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I like A&E tax services. I don't really know how expensive they are compared to other preparers, so you should probably follow up with them and price compare. I think it might be a little late to get things done for this year without an extension, but take a look at them for next year.
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Haven't ever used them for taxes myself, but many of the folks at Gunderson & Frederick are amazingly warm people.
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She's in Beaverton, not Portland, but Norma Bueno at CU Tax Professionals has been doing our taxes for the past 10 years or so. They used to be associated with First Tech Credit Union, but now they have their own office. Norma has handled our relatively complex tax situation (rental house in Washington, various stock accounts including RSUs, and an inherited farm in Wisconsin with farm income) with aplomb and has re-done my partner's taxes without making us feel stupid. I highly recommend her.
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I cannot recommend Block and Chatard more highly.
They've got an office downtown, they've been amazing to work with and they're completely capable of handling your situation.
DM me if you'd like a personal referral.
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I've used Leslie Yudin for a few years for our evolving tax situation which includes a rental house, many real estate transactions, multi-state returns, and all sorts of other stuff. The first year I used her, it was because I messed up our return, and THEN messed up the amended return, and she successfully did an amendment of an amendment!
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Thank you all for the suggestions! I looked over everybody's websites, and A & E seemed like the best bet for me. I called them and they were incredibly helpful and patient at getting me sorted last-minute. Jack, who answered the phone, did an excellent job of explaining my options and laying everything out clearly without being at all condescending. Their rates seem reasonable, and I'll be going in to see them in person next week.
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