What are some other poems I would like?
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I'm looking for short-ish poems related to change, growth, rebirth, beginning again, new years, birthdays, the inevitable (but often delightful or joyful) passage of time, and/or the idea that we're all going to die, but also we're all in it together and sometimes it ends up working out.

I like accessible, fairly plain-spoken poems. I also think (though I honestly have no idea) that I prefer more contemporary poets and/or poems. Here are some examples of poems that evoke that feeling for me --

Wild Geese, Mary Oliver
The Trees, Philip Larkin
Turning, W.S. Merwin
From Blossoms, Li-Young Lee
Sometimes, Sheenagh Pugh
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So, I post a poem a day for poetry month and keep the years-long running list in my profile here because I asked a question about this once; most of the ones you list are there so you might check that. Spending 30 seconds scanning through it, here are some from that list that hit the same buttons for me as the ones you list:

He Said Turn Here- Dean Young

Let The Day Go- Grace Paley

Not Yet- Jane Hirshfield

You Can't Have It All- Barbara Ras

The Peace of Wild Things- Wendell Berry
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This may not be shortish enough for you, but Yeats' Lapis Lazuli is my favorite poem in this general subject area. It was written in 1936, when things were getting dark in Europe.
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You would probably like Billy Collins.
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I came across this the other day; it seems similar. Dana Gioia in general has a pretty straightforward style.

You might also want to check out William Carlos Williams. Doesn't get much more plain-spoken than that.
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You already have a Larkin on your list, so you may know this: Born Yesterday.

Also worth looking at Hopkins's Spring and Fall, though it is nineteenth-century and may not be as plain as you prefer. Definitely short and about change, but not necessarily on the optimistic side of things.
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e.e. cummings - "who are you,little i"
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Another Larkin: First Sight

Perhaps Auden's As I Walked Out One Evening? It has that we're all going to die but we're all in it together vibe to it, at least to my ear.
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I recently asked this question about quotes related to New Years and got several good poem suggestions, including the one I ended up using, "To the New Year", also by WS Merwin.
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I recommended a couple of poems in that thread (including "To the New Year"--I'm glad you liked it, skycrashesdown!) and there's another I think would fit: "Your Luck is About to Change," by Susan Elizabeth Howe.
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A glass of water by May Sarton - I first read it in my local hospital, pinned up on a board, and found it very apt.
Prayer by Carol Ann Duffy.

I also love Sometimes by Sheena Pugh and You Can't Have It All by Barbara Ras
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I seem to post this poem to Metafilter fairly regularly, but I think it fits: A Brief for the Defense - Jack Gilbert
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Oh dang yeah Sarah Teasdale is great for this. Here's another one of my favorites of hers.
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