Swordfighting Cats Comic
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I remember seeing a one-off comic strip a few years back, in a sketchy style, where two cats were either fencing or dueling with swords, in panel one they adopted the en garde stance, in panel two they lunged at each other, and in panel three they were both on all fours curiously sniffing at the tips of the swords as all cats tend to do to any outstretched finger or object

I'm looking for either the image itself or somebody who knows the artist/series/site it's from. It's a great visual gag that loses a lot in being described.
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I'm about 93% sure this is from the book Monmon Cats, by the tattoo artist Horitomo at State of Grace in San Jose, CA. I've tried googling for it before with no success, but I'm pretty certain it's in the book.

You can grab the book (and all sorts of other stuff) here
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On further contemplation, I'm sure it is Horitomo, but I think it's not in the book.
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Best answer: et voilĂ 
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