Help me find an old Daily Show segment
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I'm looking for an old Daily Show segment that included a clip from some movie/TV show. It lampooned the Democrats' appeasement of Republicans. The clip involved mean kids driving a car and pretending to let another kid in the car, only to drive a few feet away whenever the kid would reach for the door handle.

So, the setup was that Jon Stewart was criticizing Democrats (congressional, I think) for playing nice and trying to get in the good graces of the Republicans by compromising or making concessions, only to have Republicans stab them in the back anyways. He illustrated that by showing a clip from something where mean kids in a car beckoned to another kid outside the car, indicating he should get in. Whenever the kid reached for the door handle of the car, the mean kids would jerk the car forwards a few feet. The punchline of the segment after the clip was something like "Hey Democrats - they're never going to let you in the car!"

I'd say it was at least five years ago, maybe more.

Anyone know where to find this segment (and/or the clip that Stewart used)? Or when it aired? Thanks!
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Not sure about the Daily Show episode, but the clip was likely from The Wonder Years. Though I believe it was just one "mean kid, " Kevin's older brother Wayne.
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March 29, 2010.
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Yes, Wonder Years. Check this Daily Show clip out: around 2:50 for the start of this sub-segment
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Thanks a lot folks - that's the one!
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