What should I do during my trip to Frankfurt, Germany?
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My company is flying everyone out to Frankfurt, Germany for a week. I will have about 2 days for sightseeing. What are the best things to do/experience in Frankfurt or within an hour from Frankfurt?
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Frankfurt is not that interesting for tourists. It's not that it's a horrible place - it just doesn't have that much to offer tourists. While you're there, spend a bit of time exploring its little downtown area - the pedestrian zone, Alte Oper, and Römer. The Jewish museum was recently completely renovated and is very interesting, they did quite a good job, so if you're interested in that check it out. And all of this you could totally do this during the days you're working if you have the evenings free.

For more interesting sightseeing, hop on a train and go visit Heidelberg - it takes about an hour. There's a nice castle there, and a wonderful pedestrian area with lots of shops and good restaurants. If you want to take a second day to go outside the city you could also go to Würzburg.
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I loved the Palmengarten when I was in Frankfurt. This site has links to cultural and historical sights.

I also loved Heidelberg!
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When are you going? If it's later in the spring, there are cute towns in the wine country nearby.
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Frankfurt in itself is a bit boring, but the museums are amazing, if you are into that, and you can easily spend two days exploring them all.
If you want to go out of town, Darmstadt is very nearby, and Mathildenhöhe is an interesting site for a glimpse into a Germany that could have been.
And another vote for Heidelberg, too.
I wonder if you will be there for the asparagus season? If you are, the local thing is to go to a "Gasthaus" in the countryside and indulge in asparagus. I haven't been there for ages and can't remember any names, but your hotel might have recommendations, since it's huge.
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Do you have the means to rent a car? I'd get one for the day and shoot out on the autobahn for a day trip. It's a hell of a lot of fun to drive.

Mainz is about an hour train ride away or 40 minutes by car. The Gutenburg Museum is especially neat.

Personally, if I was back there, I'd go back to the Technik Museum Speyer, about a 90 minute drive to the south. It's like the Henry Ford Museum of Germany, millions of things to look at and explore including an entire Boeing 747 and a Buran shuttle prototype.

Spargelzeit! OMG! Yes, you must get as much local asparagus as you can. Soups...and asparagus wrapped in ham or prosciutto.
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I found the museums in Frankfurt amazing, in particular the Museum of Modern Art (Museum für Moderne Kunst). I loved how many installations were on display. I think my favorite was Stephan Balkenhol's 57 Pinguine.
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I had a long layover in Frankfurt and also enjoyed the train to Mainz and Gutenberg museum.
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Former Frankfurt resident here, I definitely wouldn't call it boring! It isn't Berlin, but that's part of the charm - it's very accessible, clean, with plenty to see and do and lots of history to boot. Theres definitely a nightlife, although it might not be as well known.

I definitely suggest a Frankfurt on Foot walking tour if you get a chance - it's a great way to get a quick 3-hour overview of the city. They show lots of hidden gems and there's a mid-tour stop for brats!

Depending on when you're going, there are various wine festivals in and around Frankfurt that might be worth checking out. I can't find a listing online, but your hotel concierge might know if there's any going on.

Even without the festivals, the Rhine Valley is very pretty and only about an hour from Frankfurt (about 40 mins if driving). Theres a regular train to Rüdesheim (small town at the start of the Rhine Valley) from Hauptbahnhof, Frankfurt's main train station. Check RMV's website for timetables - their website is also very useful for finding local Frankfurt bus/tram/subway schedules.

The Palmengarten is pretty nice if the weather's good, great area for a walk. I used to live nearby and visited the Palmengarten and the adjoining Grüneburg Park all the time.

The Technik Museum Speyer mentioned upthread is pretty cool if you're an aviation buff. Another cool daytrip if you're into history is the Saalburg Roman Fort and Museum just north of Frankfurt. Both of these are a bit harder to access via public transit so you'd probably need a car for either.

Other Frankfurt ideas: museums (there's a museum row with several excellent options), shopping, going out for Apple Wine in Sachsenhousen, Main river cruise, and did I mention wine festivals? :)
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The Goethehaus. When I went the guidebooks said that eggs and green sauce (dairy base) was his favorite dish but recent googling says this is an urban legend.
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Grüne Soße is definitely a local dish you should try when you're in that region. It's...interesting. Definitely more refreshing in the summertime, you eat it cold over boiled potatoes.
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It's almost exactly one hour from Frankfurt along the RB 10 train line, which runs every hour, but there are some adorable wine towns along the Rhine. It's a working river, but a beautiful one. If I had two days, I'd spend one in Hattenheim, which is particularly adorable, wineries on every corner, a beautiful abbey a few km to the north, not crowded, mostly German speaking.

Besides that, yes, ebbelwoi/apfelwein/hard cider and gruener soesse in Saschsenhausen, walking tour to see the opera house or a museum.
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