Need a place to stay in Vienna and things to do.
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Hotel and other quick recommendations for Vienna?

Hello I'll be arriving into Vienna this Sunday morning and heading out Monday afternoon to my next destination. I have no idea where to stay and need some recommendations!

- This is business travel, to give you an idea of budget. I'm looking no more than $120/150 the night, but feel free to recommend cheaper, non-business hotels that you've had good experiences with!
- I will be coming into the intl airport but would like to stay somewhere near some sights but can reasonably get back to the airport on Monday for pick up to my next destination.
- Top 3 things I should see/do in Vienna with the limited time I have?
- How easy/difficult will it be for me to get around? (I speak English!)
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In addition to what Dasein recommends: Any cafe on Kartnerstrasse. The Hotel Sacher. The Albertina. As to hotels, if you can swing it, my absolute favourite hotel anywhere is the Ambassador. If you can get a good deal off one of the booking sites it might be within your price range. I've been to Vienna several times (four, I think) and stayed there every time, so I might be biased.

I've never quite got over walking into a chemist's (pharmacist's) in Vienna literally the first afternoon I was there looking for something for a headache. The shop assistant greeted me Grúss Gott, I'll figure out how to do an umlaut eventually which was about the limit of my German, so I answered Good afternoon--and she switched into perfect English without missing a beat.
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I'd recommend the Hotel de France. It's located on the Ring Road directly next to the Schottentor U-Bahn stop (a major public transportation hub) and a short walk to the Rathaus. A "classic single" room with breakfast runs 115 euro (about $150)

From there, it's a couple blocks walk to Cafe Central, the proto-typical Viennese Cafe. You can walk around the city center as Dasein suggests and see Stephansdom and the Hofburg. Then see La Traviata at the Staatsoper (Get there early for 3 euro standing room tickets).

There's also a gourmet festival going on this weekend at the Stadtpark.

Get around Vienna is extremely easy. As Logophiliac mentioned almost everyone speaks fluent English.
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It would be helpful to know what you like/enjoy.

Yep, the city center is great. Just walk around the little streets. Visit a Kaffeehaus and get some Melange (Viennese coffee), some Sachertorte or Austrian Apple Strudel.

Are you into classical music? Mozart's grave is in Vienna. (not in the city center)

Are you into art? Kunsthaus Wien which was designed by Hundertwasser.

Are you into psychology? Sigmund Freud Museum.

'Konig von Ungarn' is a small and old hotel, it has traditional and modern rooms. It's fairly small with 44 rooms and in the center.

The metro (U-Bahn) works well and is cheap (€ 1,80 per ride).
Note that most shops will be closed on Sunday.
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Whose money you spending? I've stayed at the Hotel or Pension Stadtpark at Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 7 for 50 euros a night. Basic, no wifi, primitive breakfast, but central enough and, main thing, cheap. And the CAT train from the airport - about ten euros and fifteen mins - takes you right there. For Monday breakfast if you have time you could head over the bridge to the v nice Cafe Prückel at Stubentor. As said above, much will be closed on Sunday. If the weather's good maybe take a walk in the Augarten, which has two brooding and haunting Nazi watchtowers. If museums are your thing there are several gathered around the courtyard of the museumsquartier and others nearby. The main shopping street, Mariahilferstrasse, is at one end of the museumsquartier.
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