Looking for an awesome keychain that screams L.A.
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I have a wonderful friend who can't visit me this spring due to a serious illness and I'd like to cheer her up. She likes great keychains. I'd like to get her a solid, well-made keychain that screams "L.A." (or Hollywood or California). She's a bit on the serious side and I want to cheer her up, not push her boundaries, so no flower child lettering, pot jokes or sports teams.

I'm asking for help because honestly the only things I've been able to find are very cheap and disposable seeming. I'm looking for something that feels substantial (even if it is a fake California license plate or a reproduction of the Hollywood sign) and looks nice. Help?
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Does she know L.A. well? I really love this camera keychain from the Getty Center
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I have always loved this style of keychain because I had a bunch of them when I was a kid.

I know I have seen them with the classic "Welcome to Hollywood!" postcard design, but my gfu is failing me. The site above does have several others, including the classic California license plate design.
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Oh wait, this Etsy store also has some great ones made from vintage maps.
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Sorry i'm driving now so I can't see if there are keychains but check out the LA County Store in Silver Lake -- https://lacountystore.com -- for beautiful LA-centric stuff.
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A Customized Hollywood Star is fun if she likes personalized stuff.

The California flag has been popular recently.

Does she have a favorite CA landmark?
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In'n'out has several.
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Hm. No-one has yet suggested a Juicy Couture keychain, which, in my mind, is inextricably linked with the L.A. style trend of the past 20 years.

Looks like Kohl's has a license for a secondary line, you could check one out in person to see if the fabrication feels sturdy enough to you.

I personally would choose the most blingy over-the-top one I could find. Could be ironic and giggle-inducing, could be sincerely revered and treasured, depending on the personalities involved.
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