Online DBT Classes for Self Help
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I cannot find a DBT course for my location, nor a specialized therapist trained in it due to my lack of income. Can anyone recommend useful sites that present DBT in a clear fashion for an attention-deficit person?

I am struggling with focus while I teach myself DBT. I am not short of useful books ranging from McKay, Linehan (though can't find hers), and a few others -- and from my less stressed years enjoy reading voraciously from potboilers to academic journals. In my present state, I am working from some other handicaps including a mending broken leg; ongoing treated depression and anxiety, and caring for my infant while I job search. I have a lot of stressors but also family and mate for support so I am not trying to sound to victimized...just overwhelmed! Especially Emotional Regulation though am practicing! I am close to healing on the leg so will be able to lift weights soon for anxiety relief. I am an older male (49) and feel like an anomaly in the under-reported demographic. Your input on DBT self-training appreciated!
posted by chicaboom to Health & Fitness (5 answers total) 13 users marked this as a favorite has a ton of resources. i don't know of any specific ones to recommend, but i suspect there are some good support apps for this, too.
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Thanks listen, lady....I will check it out. I found some things on YT which will be helpful, too.
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Also, you might check and see if your local university or college that offers advanced psych degrees will match students with patients. Usually it's students close to graduating or grads before certification tests -- they need the clinic hours, and usually don't charge much. Call or email the department head and ask. The one near me only charges $15 a session and offers free DBT group therapy as well.
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I don't know if this is relevant for you, but it's probably relevant for someone: Now Matters Now is an online DBT resource designed somewhat (but not only) for people who have considered suicide. It includes video-based skills training by a genuinely diverse group of people, including adult men (and Marsha Linehan). I know a bunch of members of the team professionally.
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Thanks, centrifugal - Damn, that really looks promising! Much appreciated. ...and ananci, I will check again but did not get too far...I appreciate the answers. I will look around a bit, too. Feel free to MeMail me anytime if you find other things. I will focus on the websites listed. Bless you!
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