Where to go for lunch in Los Angeles' Chinatown?
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I'll be downtown near L.A.s Chinatown tomorrow at lunchtime, and so want to go there for lunch. When I eat there I usual go to the $1-a-plate sort of place where the food is served off of steam trays. Which I love. But: Tomorrow I want to eat Chinese food at a notch or two fancier sit-down type restaurant. Where should I go?
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Do you want American style chinese, or more authentic cuisine? 'Cause that's gonna make a huge difference.
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Response by poster: Authentic, preferably. Unless the American style is just superb for it's kind.

So I suppose I'm open to suggestions for either.
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I'd go to PokPok, but it's Thai, not Chinese.
Jonathan Gold 2015 story in LAT
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I was also going to say PokPok, in addition to the following:
Lao Tao (not fancier, but worth it.) don't let the crazy-ass line in the Far East Plaza scare you, it's for Howlin' Ray's.
I'll add more as my friends reply back at me.
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The Empress, for sure.
They serve dim sum from carts.
There is no chow mein or orange chicken to be had for love nor money.
I think you can order from a menu, too, but we never have.
It's the only place we go in Chinatown.
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Every time I've recommended Roy Choi's Chego, people have loved it.
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Response by poster: Dim sum sounded good, but The Empress has become 100% weddings and receptions, so I went to Ocean Seafood, which is apparently owned by the same person as the Empress. It was okay; I wouldn't say great.

I'll try your other suggestions in subsequent visits. Thank you for them, and thanks, Ideefixe, for the link to the article. Looks like 'Chinatown' doesn't necessarily mean Chinese food anymore.
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