Paris experimental / synth music tourism?
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I'll be in Paris for a few weeks this spring, and wonder if there's any must-visit stuff related to historical or current experimental music? A prosaic example would be a vintage synth museum, but really anything even loosely related would be of interest. I know Club d'Essai is long gone, but anything along those lines? The north of France is fair game, pretty much.
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Looks like IRCAM has some cool stuff coming up.
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I really enjoyed the 20th century musical instruments section of the Museum of Music. There's an Ondes Martenot and other early electronic instruments. The physical building is great and the experience of the exhinits is enhanced by headphones that play the sound of the instrument as you approach it. it's in the 19th arrondissement, so pretty far out, but definitely worth the visit. I think they have concerts too.
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