Where do you like to eat in London?
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Recently moved back to London. Everything is turning out rosy. But I miss having a favourite place to drag people to and eat / drink into the small hours.

It occurred to me that despite having lived in London for most of my adult life, I don't have many trusty go-to spots.

MeFi, I would like to hear about your fave places to eat in London. Ideally with good vegetarian fare, £15 and under for a decent main, and open late.

Thank you!
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Where in London? What do you consider "late"? All the Mildreds locations are pretty great. Bonnington Cafe is much more affordable and great for conversation.
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Psst. They might have changed this, but the vegetarian pub in Soho. Norman's Coach and Horses .
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For late hours and cheap eats, the Middle East is going to be your go-to cuisine. Get to know your local shawarma shops; some are mostly meat-based but many will do beautiful falafel, foul, vine leaves, batata hara (spicy potatoes), etc. They are often unassuming in appearance, but the food in some of them is heavenly. Often they will do mint tea made with fresh mint.

I live in Lambeth these days, and it's full of great places. Culture is a wonderful Chinese place on the Cut; it's flanked by the lovely Spice of India curry house and the Windmill, an excellent pub that does Thai food. The Young Vic Theatre has a slightly more upscale but generally lovely restaurant too.
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Pushing the budget a bit, depending on how hungry you are, but oh. my. God. Ottolenghi. Open till 10:30, which may or may not count as late.
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I really like Suchards near London Bridge for grabbing a bite with someone before heading out. Inexpensive, fast, tasty, veggie/vegan friendly.
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Hmm, we need a few more details on location, as there are loads of places to eat in London.

Some of my go-tos:

Beiteddine Express, which is a little Lebanese cafe in Mayfair (I know, Mayfair, but it has been there forever and is well-priced). They do a good mint tea, meaning loads of sugar and you can sit there for hours drinking it.
Homeslice, now in Covent Garden, Fitzrovia and Shoreditch. Massive pizzas, casual atmosphere, wood fire ovens.
Dishoom modelled after Iranian cafes in Bombay.
Shoryu Ramen in Soho, but there are other ramen places, including Bone Daddies, Ippudo, Kanada-Ya around Soho.

Certain areas are known for certain types of cuisines, and due to the competition, all the restaurants in that area tend to be very good:

Vietnamese restaurants along Hackney Road, north of Shoreditch
Turkish restaurants in Dalston
Korean restaurants in New Malden, south of Wimbledon (might struggle with vegetarian though)
Indian restaurants in Brick Lane (I think some of the food here is overrated, but it's incredibly affordable).

Obviously, also, Chinatown! Cafe 97 is open till 4pm.

Some of the chains in London have really decent food, well-priced and open late. I know they are chains, but the food is pretty decent, and it's an easy choice.

Comptoir Lebanese (Lebanese)
Pho (Vietnamese)
Carluccio (Italian)
Busaba Eathai (Thai)
Pizza Express
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I adore Ya Hala next to Paddington station - Lebanese food (so lots of veggie options), open until midnight, really good tea as well. It's my first stop in London whenever I'm visiting, since you can get directly there from Hearhrow on the Heathrow Express train.
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Just noticed an error in my previous post. Cafe 97 is open until 4am, not 4pm. Doh.
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Brick Lane Beigels.

So good.

And then the night bus.
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