Plz halp fix my curly haircut fail - West Hollywood version
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Got a haircut yesterday that I really hate. The shape is entirely wrong and I ended up with curly bangs I never wanted. I (of course) have an important interview tomorrow. Help.

I live in West Hollywood but cannot afford the entire earth to fix this mess on my head. Do you know someone local, reasonably priced, and most importantly - skillful - in dealing with curly Type 2 C hair that can help me look and feel confident by 3 pm tomorrow?

You have my eternal gratitude.
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Would it work to just blow it out (or pay for a blowout) to solve the interview problem?
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It does look better straight than curly right now, but I am entirely too old for an ironic Brady Bunch era Florence Henderson cut.

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Depending on how short your bangs are, doing a blow out and wearing your hair up in a Gibson Tuck or something similar might be the easiest solution. I have curlier/coarser hair than yours, but I've found this to a workable way of dealing with bangs gone wrong.
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There's a Dry Bar on Third. They do different variations of a blow out plus up dos and braids, so maybe they can help re-shape it for the day?
posted by Room 641-A at 2:29 PM on February 28, 2017 [2 favorites] has a salon search and you can search by zipcode/distance.

There was some discussion about curly hair stylists on Nextdoor - I found a few names and sent you a MeMail.

Good luck!
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PM me, I may know someone who can help you.
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Fuck yeah bobby pins! Will follow up on suggestions in a less panicked timeframe. Thanks, all!
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