Highway 427 northbound near Pearson airport?
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Can anyone tell me what is happening with Hwy 427 (in Mississauga, Ontario) as it goes northbound past Pearson airport? It seems to have been under construction for a very long time. But nothing seems to have happened for a very long time and it looks like there are three or four completed, unused lanes just sitting there to the west of the over-congested lanes. What is the problem??? What are they waiting for?
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Have you tried contacting the Ministry of Transportation? You can probably get this answer from 511, but other contact details here.
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Could be part of the rehabilitation of 5 bridges at the interchange of Hwy. 427 and Hwy. 401, or the Highway 427 Expansion. The latter is pretty long-term, with extra space being taken up for HOV lanes and tolling.
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