Single traveler in search of trip ideas. Got any good ones?
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I need a vacation! I’m looking for some ideas for this summer as a single traveler.

I know that I don't want to just go somewhere by myself, so I’m thinking of some kind of group trip. I’m a middle-aged woman, not super athletic, but fit and in shape, and I like the idea of being somewhat active, rather than just seeing sights. But I'm open to lots of possibilities. I’m hoping for firsthand recommendations, as in, “I did X and it was amazing!” But hearsay is also fine. Specific tour companies would be helpful. Destination is open — could be far afield or in the U.S. Thanks!
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A friend of mine is planning to do this surf camp for women in Costa Rica during the summer, called Surf With Amigas. It looks amazing. She says the median age is 40, and the vast majority of their campers are solo travelers. I am generally not a solo traveler, and certainly now a surfer, but the camp is open to all ability levels (main focus is beginners) and their mission statement has me thinking about maybe going for it: "Surf with Amigas is the place for adventurous women to come together and encourage each other to fulfill their goals. It’s about empowerment, creating connections, learning to attract awesome into your life, and living in the moment. You will learn about yourself, overcome fears, and connect to a network of surfing Amigas that will support and inspire you to achieve your goals in surfing and in life." Apparently the food is awesome too.

Their FAQ looks super helpful.
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*certainly NOT a surfer (missed my edit window)
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I have become a big fan of the group "Road Scholar." They rate their trips based on level of activity so you can choose a trip that works for you. Also, I have found that these trips are mostly composed of couples and single women. The single women all seem to gravitate toward one another and hang out together (and, in general, seem to have more fun than the couples.)
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Have you considered doing something associated with the total solar eclipse?
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I went to Las Vegas last year by myself (same age as you) and it was totally awesome. I'm completely uninterested in gambling, but all the hotels think you might be so they bend over backwards to take care of you, asking if you'd like another mint on your pillow or a drink, and I have to say it's totally wonderful being pampered that way. The buffet dinners are fantastic.

There are a million things to do outside the touristy Strip area. I went on a bus trip to Hoover Dam and a longer one to Death Valley; you can hike there in the beautiful, beautiful desert. Also went to Valley of Fire State Park, mmmmm. I took a walking tour on the history of the whole Las Vegas area. I went to the Pawn Stars shop. I went to the Ethel Mars chocolate factory. Highly recommended.
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Here's the thread from when I asked a question much like this a few years ago. I wound up going with Slickrock but I don't think they are active in the summer.
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Have you considered cycle touring? You can go alone or there is a whole community that might include individuals or groups that may be touring at the right time/right place for you.

It's cheap, it's amazing and you can do as little or as much distance as you want. You can just get on your bike pedal as far as you can in the time you have then hop on a bus or train back or do a loop.

It's adventurous and an incredible way to see the world. The US is a wonderful place to do it too.
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Switzerland is excellent for hiking and outdoor things. I spent a week at Interlaken, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
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I'm also a "middle-aged woman, not super athletic, but fit and in shape, and I like the idea of being somewhat active, rather than just seeing sights," and I had a lot of fun on a G Adventures trip to Guatemala and Belize a few years ago.
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How about a low impact snorkelling and kayaking trip where you camp for around 6 days (hosted camping) in Palau's rock islands and learn tons of interesting stuff about the ecology and marine biology of the area, as well as see a bunch of WWII artifacts like tanks rotting in the jungle? If that sounds good, try this: Wilderness Travel Palau Trip. I did that trip a number of years ago and it may just be my best vacation ever. So fun!

Or, how about a guided raft trip down the grand canyon? Another "best vacation ever" trip for me. I went with AzRaft but there are lots of guide companies and you can sign up as a single easily.

Neither of these trips require much for physical conditioning and are easy to go solo.
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I did the Coast to Coast walk across England twice and had a fantastic time -- both times I went as part of a very small group (a pair or trio), but I saw other people walking alone and they often had ad hoc company with the rest of the accidental cohort that formed among people walking at about the same speed as them and who'd started off on the same day.

I haven't done REI Adventures before but I see they have a best-of version of the walk as a group trip.

I had an absolutely wonderful time -- beautiful views, the feeling of capability from moving myself to my next destination every day, nice people.

I see REI is also doing "Outessa: Super fun outdoor weekends designed for women" which might interest you. I haven't been to one yet.
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