Need help with some (complex?) charts in Excel for Mac.
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What resources are out there for help with some charting in Excel for Mac? ideally I'd hop on a zoom/WebEx meeting with someone who can walk me through putting this chart together. Multiple data points comprising different types of data on the same chart (time, $$, etc).

I don't have the luxury of taking a class--deliverable is due this Thursday. I'm familiar with upwork and the like. Of course willing to pay for this help.
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I've not used a mac, but I'm very well versed in Excel for PC, I assume thery're going to be similar.
If you drop me a meMail with some details I can see if I get you started at least.
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I'm down to help as well if you can't meet up with Just this guy, y'know . I have years of experience using Excel for PC. Shoot me a message. I'm on the US West Coast.
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For blog resources, I've found both Peltier Tech and Chandoo have good posts on advanced charting techniques (among other Excel posts).
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I hope you find somebody to help you. I'm VERY goot at Excel for PC, and for the life of me I can't get Excel for Mac (I'm on 2011) to make a chart properly with two different sets of data. It's like it's broken. I would be tempted to just take it to Google Sheets or find a PC somewhere and avoid the torture.
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