How to put a Twitter account under editorial control
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We want interns to write posts for the company's Twitter account, but we want anything they propose to tweet to first be reviewed by a manager. If this were for our web site, our content management system would allow that type of editorial review. Is there an equivalent thing for Twitter? Something that allows a group of writers to propose tweets, and a group of editors to approve them, with no tweet being posted until it's approved by an editor?
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We use hootsuite and schedule posts in advance whenever possible. Multiple logins to the same account mean any post can be reviewed and tweaked before it goes live.
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I'm pretty sure Sprout Social will let you do this too. I've only used it in teams where everyone had permission to post directly, so I haven't played with the restrictions much, but I believe you can set it up as you describe.
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Buffer for Business lets you do this. You can assign different permissions, and there is a "for review tab" if you need it.

I prefer Buffer to Hootsuite; our org just migrated from SocialFlow to Buffer. Basically the same thing.
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Yep, Sprout Social can definitely do this, too.
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Yep, any social media management platform will do this. If your business has a significant enterprise relationship with one of the big 'marketing cloud' vendors (Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, IBM), you may be able to get access to the SMM platform part of their portfolio for not much cash. Failing that, point solutions like Hootsuite, Conversocial, Sprout Social and a couple of dozen others would do the trick too.
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AgoraPulse lets you do this as well.
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