Going to Denver! Suggestions?
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I'm going to Denver in early May (May 3-9). What should I do (and eat) while there?

I'd love any and all suggestions! The boyfriend and I are into tasty food and drink, museums, antiques, outdoorsy things, etc. (Side note: As a knitter, Fancy Tiger Crafts is already on the list.)
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Start here. And also. And also. And this. And that.

The more specific your question, the better the recommendations will likely be. If you're checking out Fancy Tiger, you can do a quick beer tour with Trve, Baere, and Banded Oak, which are all nearby and within a short walk of each other.
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There's lots of great drinks to be had but if you're not used to altitude, go slowly because the alcohol can getcha.
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The Denver Art Museum is huge and amazing.
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As someone who went there frequently as a kid, I was surprised by how much good stuff is in Union Station now.
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The Denver Mint is really interesting!
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Voodoo Doughnuts in Denver, Blackberry Market in Boulder.

Smokin' Dave's BBQ in Estes Park if you go to Rocky Mountain NP, or Switchback Smokehouse in Kittredge if you drive into Red Rocks/Evergreen area.
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This isn't an exhaustive map of area yarn shops, but it does cover a lot of them.
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Russell's Smokehouse on Larimer between 14th and 15th. Great meat, and their side game is good, too. I can still taste the collard greens....
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Buenos Ares Pizzaria has the best empanadas outside of Argentina. I'm serious.
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I recommend the Denver Central Market for amazing coffee and pastries and other bites to eat.

Union Station is also great and you can then wander along the 16th Street Mall to window shop. If you like bookstores, the Tattered Cover is along there and is wonderful and you can take the free Mall Ride bus if you get tired of walking. In Union Station, Mercantile Provisions is delicious (but pricey).

If the weather is good, the Denver Botanic Gardens are lovely.

Seconding Voodoo Doughnuts!

If you like history, the History Colorado Center is extensive and has great exhibits. Probably obvious from the title, it is focused on Colorado history so obviously that has to be something you are interested in. :) It is also right in the same area as the art museum so you could easily combine those in a day.

Definitely check the weather when packing; early May could be beautiful or could be snow.
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Las Tortas if you're not vegetarian and want to eat the most delicious Mexican sandwich you've ever had. Tacos de Mexico if you want to try the most delicious green chili ever created. A visit and hike around Red Rocks is a definite must. Brewery tours aplenty if you're into that. 2nd the Denver Botanic Gardens. I think Voodoo is just meh. Uncle for ramen but go on a weekday and get there at open (it doesn't compare to NYC ramen imo but it's the best I've found here). The Santa Fe Art Walk occurs on the first Friday of every month and is really cool. Get a coffee at the flagship REI and walk around the biggest outdoor store you've ever seen (if you're into that). Avanti is super fun, I highly recommend, especially the Arepas! Definitely get the arepas. If you're up for a drive I think the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is pretty worth it or drive up to Boulder to hike / drive up top and walk around in the flatirons. Rockies game if that's a thing in May? (They suck but tickets for cheap can be had from scalpers, especially after the start). I like walking around City Park or Wash Park. Plenty of good ice cream to be had, my favorite is Bonnie Brae.
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Next door to Las Tortas, try Glazed and Confused for donuts. Much better than Voodoo, and also actually local rather than an out-of-state import.
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Also I haven't been there since it was the Museum of Natural History, but Denver's Museum of Nature and Science was great back then and is purportedly still excellent.
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