Looking for a good "time and materials" web dev contract template
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Where can I find a good "time and materials" Web development contract template?

The only thing turned up by my google searches are sketchy "contract mill" sites that want $75 for documents of questionable value. [This posted on behalf of killdevil.]
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I'm sending the contract I use to your gmail account. Feel free to edit and use. I compiled it from several different sources, internet, books and my own common sense (sometimes inspired by deficiencies in my previous contracts).
posted by cior at 9:23 AM on January 11, 2006

Response by poster: Thanks cior, I've forwarded that on to killdevil!
posted by Frisbee Girl at 9:52 AM on January 11, 2006

Can I have a copy?
posted by o2b at 10:10 AM on January 11, 2006

For all: contract.
posted by cior at 10:47 AM on January 11, 2006

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