Engraving on an already existing headstone: St. Louis Edition
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My grandmother passed away last summer and we had her buried next to her husband in St Louis. We need to find someone to engrave additional information onto the shared headstone. Special Snowflake: It needs to be done in Chinese characters and some of the existing engravings may need to be repainted to a different color.

The current headstone is done all in Chinese so they want to continue that for my grandmother. None of my immediate family lives in the St. Louis area so we're not familiar with anyone who can do the engravings in Chinese, but they want to return for Qingming in the spring. The headstone was originally engraved and transported from out of state so we can't get the company who originally did the work, add additional engravings. My family also want to repaint some of the letters already on the headstone.

Can anyone recommend a company or send me in the right direction? I contacted the cemetery but they weren't much help. Some of my family members want to DIY it and I definitely don't think it's the right way to go but I don't have any better suggestions to give.
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Maybe contact the Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) of St. Louis ?
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Call a local funeral home and ask for suggestions. This is not something that can easily be done by yourself. It usually requires specially sand blowing carving equipment.
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Call up the local Chinese churches and ask if they have any suggestions:
St. Louis Chinese Christian Church
St. Louis Chinese Gospel Church
St. Louis Chinese Baptist Church
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