Advice for traveling from USA to Netherlands and back with our dog?
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My partner and I (US citizens) are traveling on Delta from New York (JFK Terminal 4) to Amsterdam with our French Bulldog next week for a 5 day trip. I am wondering if anyone has any specific advice for traveling with a dog to and from USA/European Union (or even specifically into the Netherlands)?

We travel by air within the US regularly; she sits at our feet in her bag/carrier and is a happy traveler. No concerns on that front. Our vet, who prepares these forms frequently gave us: 1) Export Health Certificate (EU import form) and 2) Rabies Vaccination Certificate. We’ve sent those along with payment to the USDA in Albany, NY in order to be stamped with their approval and then sent back to us via prepaid overnight.

Wondering if anyone can think of anything we may have overlooked, plus any insight on the following would be greatly appreciated:

1) Do we go through any special process on the departure side at JFK, or is it the normal security process?
2) Once we land in Amsterdam, should we just follow the signs for passport control, or is there a special line we need to get into for "animal importation”?
3) upon our return to JFK at the end of our trip, do I need to look for special signs for "traveling with" or "importing animals”?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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This has some good information, does she have an ISO compatible microchip?
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Thanks, I forgot to mention that. Yes the vet also checked her chip and confirmed it was ISO compatible. And thanks for that link.
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In Amsterdam, just head for normal passport control. They won't need to see the dog's papers. Then you'll pick up your checked luggage and head for the exit, which is where you go through customs control (you can't miss it). There will be customs officers standing around that area; when I went through this process with my cat, I just walked up to an officer and asked her if she needed to review my paperwork. She asked where I came from, flipped through the papers, and that was it.
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