Name that classical tune... again!
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I'm having a Mandela Effect moment, and I'm hoping that Ask Mefi can help me out! There's a classical tune that I could swear is called "Cordantic Ennui", but searching for that name turns up nothing. This is my best attempt at whistling the main tune, which is played on some sort of woodwinds (oboe?) in the original piece.

It's a very low-key and haunting melody, and I distinctly remember that as a kid I had it confused with "Binary Sunset" from Star Wars, but realized in adulthood that it was a different piece and had nothing to do with Star Wars.

Otherwise I feel like it has some similarities to "Bird's Lament" (but lower tempo), and a couple of the themes from The Dark Crystal, but it's not any of those.

Any ideas?
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I'm not going to be any help at all probably, but your whistling put me in mind of something by Ennio Morricone.
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When you mentioned Binary Sunset, my first thought was Holst's Neptune. Low-key and haunting, for sure. Not very oboe-y, though.
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Response by poster: @turbid dahlia I had the same reaction when I listened to what I'd recorded.
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Response by poster: @thinman not it, but a beautiful piece! Thanks!
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Quite a long shot, but could "cordantic ennui" be a mutation of Philip Glass' Koyaanisqatsi?
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Google Play has a similar sounding song with a similar sounding name:

Ce mortel ennui

Here is is on Youtube.
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The second part of your whistle sounds like the tune played on the bassoon at the beginning of the Rite of Spring.
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Best answer: I think it must be Corybantic Ennui , by Coil
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Response by poster: That's it!! Thanks, muhonnin!

Now I have to start questioning the state of my sanity that I had false memories of hearing a Coil song from 1992 in the early 1980s. :)
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