Capture a watermark image from a clean sheet of paper?
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I’ve found a lovely watermark on an old sheet of paper and want to print it out. How can I do this?

At an estate sale I found a box of a long-defunct company’s stationery that’s more than a hundred years old. The flora and fauna watermark on it is large and very detailed, and I’d like to print it out. The paper it’s on is very lightweight and somewhat translucent, a little heavier than onion skin paper. I want the image to be as crisp as possible, but the paper is light blue and has the expected mottled appearance when pressed against a window or held up to a light. I don’t have a lightbox or any equipment to do a back-light scan, and even if I did, I lack the skills to capture a decent image, much less clean it up digitally. Am I overlooking an obvious solution, or is there a service that can capture this watermark for me?
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Attach to a window facing open sky on a clear day. Take image with your phone. If you can, over expose just to the limit of blowing it out (just below getting blinkies). Pull down your brightness and increase contrast on the photo after you take it.
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Reverse that image then?
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I wonder if the gig economy could do the cleanup-to-digital for you. Fiverr or one of those things.
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If the paper is blue and thin, how does it look when you place it over something orange or yellow? I imagine that would give you more contrast to work with.
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What's the stationery company? Perhaps you can find the watermark online?
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This involves a scanner and a fair amount of work, but scanning about 10 sheets of this paper with a backlight, then stacking all of the scans aligning the watermark, and averaging that stack should get rid of all the mottling and increase your resolution.
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Follow up on gregr - if you do go that route, it may be better to use median rather than mean to get rid of the mottling.
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