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Help me find a digital, downloadable version of the "50 Nifty United States" song.

You know it, right? 50 nifty united states from 13 original colonies? And then all the states are sung in alphabetical order? I want a copy of it so my students can learn it. I've found sheet music I can buy, I've found Sufjan's 50 states song, I'm found some weird imposter thing that will just not do. The closest I got was a link that was shut down because of copyright issues. This is discouraging, but maybe you can help?

I may even be willing to pay for this, provided it's not a ridiculous price and I can actually download the thing. It doesn't seem to be on itunes.
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I totally know that song. I wish I knew where to point you. We learned it in music class in elementary school.

NEW hampshire NEW jersey NEW MEXICO (beat, beat) NEW YORK! NORTH carolina NORTH dakota, o-HIIIIIII-OH!

Good luck finding it.
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I'll see if I can help find it, but check out this great Animaniacs song called 50 U.S. States and Capitals, sung by the one and only Wakko (the one that sounds like Ringo). Check out the other ones too - lots of educational songs having to do with history and geography, masquerading as silly ditties.
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OOOOH! If you find it, I will be so excited!

Singing that song has been my party-trick abroad so many times!

I love the "new"s too...
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PS, I just sang this song, one of my very very favorites, for my boyfriend.

He was impressed.
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I found this:

Several people have e-mailed me asking about this song. Well here is where you can order the song and the lyrics. I have tried to find a site to download the song for free, but no luck yet.
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Here's a clip:

But it stops!

And it is by a weird Christian a capella group.
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Response by poster: Thanks k8t, but I think I already found both of those sites. (Should have linked them, hmm. Also should have fixed that stupid typo.) I could buy the damn cd, but I kind of want it now. Or soon.

Actually, my pipe dream is that some dorky mefite will have this just lying around on their hard drive. Pleaaaaase?

on preview, whooooaaa that acapella thing is weirdly cool. BUT not complete! Also, it contains weird harmonies that I am not at all licensed to teach.

getting closer!
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I wish that the weird a capella group would have really taken the "new"s to the intense degree that it deserves.

Its little thing with Oklahoma was pretty great though!
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Check out the playlist for Mike Lupica on, where somewhere on the page (about half way down) is a link to a real audio version of the song.

and regardless of what the kid singing the song says, Colorado is the best...
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Best answer: Ths is good - an mp3 by a group called The John Land Singers - very clear and professional-sounding.
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I didn't know that the song was written by Ray Charles, by the way.
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Best answer: Jamie Burghardt's recording (the one Mike Lupica played) is here (direct link to mp3).

By the way, it was written by "the other Ray Charles."
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Ah thanks, gubo! I was just googling him, because it seemed so strange.
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Response by poster: YES. THIS IS AWESOME. Thanks so much, everyone.

That Jamie kid is fun.

Also, what is with i-oh-way? Can no one pronounce Iowa?
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Response by poster: Thanks also to Lange NU for yet another version (emailed), one where they actually pronounce Iowa correctly and leave a space to say your own state. Hooray!
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Thanks for posting this!
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The sheet music we had (when I was a kid) specifically called for an I-oh-way pronunciation.

And I always thought I was the only one using this as a party trick when abroad!
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