What are some "up" things for a Valentine's Day theme?
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Inspired by a picture he send me of him standing in front of a giant neon heart sign, I want to tell my Valentine how much he lights up my heart. I am looking for date ideas that go with an "up" theme.

I am going to turn the picture of him in front of the heart into a card and then have a number of sealed date envelopes that will each contain something related to an "up" theme. For example, I want to have a date where we go UP the funicular of a local ski lodge and have drinks. I have also thought of having a "crack up" at a comedy show and a "clean up" date where we spend an afternoon participating in a river cleanup project.

I am short a few more on-theme ideas and was hopeful I could get a little help with that here! Looking for activities that are of any price range and for any time of the year.
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"Rise Up" - listen to Hamilton the Musical!
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Watch "Up," the Disney movie.
Dress up and go out for a fancy dinner (or dinner somewhere low-key but you wear your fanciest clothes--you'll be the best-dressed folks at Denny's).
Tear it up--you can go dancing.
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Go kite flying? I always imagined it's a lot more difficult than it really is. It's actually pretty easy and fun. Go for a picnic at a breezy spot and bring a kite and some celebratory beverages in inconspicuous bottles.
Ties in with the song from Mary Poppins "Up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear.."
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Up, Up And Away, by the Fifth Dimension would be an appropriate theme song. You may be too young to know, but this was a mega-hit. Also used in some airline ads.
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I agree with Rise Up - if it's in the budget, go see Hamilton in Chicago or New York or one of the places it's touring! If not, watch Hamilton's America and then listen to the soundtrack.

Saddle Up - find a place where you can go horseback riding (or cycling if that's more your style) together.

Walk-Up - take a weekend trip to New York City or Boston or wherever and Air BnB a walk-up apartment.

I also like the Dress Up option - I was thinking Suit Up, but you could actually use that for something else, like a swimsuit-related date (hot tubbing, beach, pool) or anything else where you wear a suit (wetsuit for diving, etc.).

Read Up - do research together (read a book, watch a documentary, etc.) on something near you (an art exhibit, a museum, a historical site, a National Park) and then go do that thing together. Or learn how to do something together (geocaching, knitting, cooking a fancy dish) and then do it together. Basically, research first, then actually doing the thing. (Dork alert: you could also call this Bone Up, especially if you're going to a natural history museum and reading about dinosaurs first. Though I suppose your Valentine might think you're headed in another direction...)

Power Up - go to a (power?) yoga class (or other fitness class - spin, barre, etc.), then get fancy green smoothies and salads.

Level Up - study for and obtain a certification together, like a ham radio license or a career-related course on Coursera.

Such a fun question! I'll be back if I think of more :)
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Have coitus with him with you on top. He can "fuck up".
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Get UP early and go for a walk or watch the sunrise from a park while having coffee and croissants at a picnic table.
Shut UP. Find a silent retreat to go to or just have your own at home. You don't talk you just do and touch, it's very interesting and calming.
Sign UP for a class together, cooking, dancing, yoga,...
Button UP and go skating, skiing, snowshoing.
Climb UP whatever there is to climb up in your area. Or a climbing wall, a tree, up on a horse and go for a ride.
Buck UP and take a longer a harder hike or bike ride than you usually would or do something a little scarry.
Look UP at the stars. Maybe find a big public telescope that you can look through.
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Or, for look UP, find out when the next meteor shower is going to be and find somewhere away from the light pollution to watch it.
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Buckle up - take a road trip
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I love all of these suggestions, thanks everyone! I hadn't considered most of these and I am really excited to turn them into date ideas... I can definitely see us making fun memories on these adventures...like a day of kite flying! So fun! Happy to hear any more suggestions, or if anyone likes this themed idea for Valentine's Day or another gift giving occasion, please do adopt : )
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A hot air balloon ride.
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Found a list of ups to inspire you.
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A balloon bouquet.
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Ante up, off to Vegas/Atlantic City
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A hot air balloon ride.

Capped with breakfast featuring eggs, sunny side up!
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