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What would be the proper search term for (or examples of) this trope in media? All signs/prophecies/whatever point to Character X [usually the main character] being the special/chosen one, the person who will save the day, defeat the bad guy, whatever. HOWEVER, it turns out the real special/chosen one is someone else.

(Neville Longbottom, not Harry Potter. Tank or Trinity, not Neo.)
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Try searching for the examples you listed, and see if any of the tropes on that film/book page fit the bill.
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Possibly Hero of Another Story?
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I'd suggest Missed the Call. (I googled " not the chosen one" and then clicked a couple of things.)
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Decoy protaganist?
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Yep, decoy protagonist.
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Decoy Protagonist sounds like it to me, though I wouldn't put either Trinity or Tank in that category. Also, there's never really any doubt that HP is the actual chosen one, is there? And Neville is more like the backup chosen one, or something?

Missed the Call sounds like a good match for your Matrix examples, I think. I got the impression that Morpheus was specifically unplugging people he thought might be The One, so that would mean everyone on his crew but Neo Missed the Call.

Alternatively, you might find The Aragorn ("Supporting Leader" if you go by their boring new naming scheme) to be a good fit. Especially for your Neville example, since IIRC he had a pretty important role in the successful resolution of the story even if he wasn't actually the chosen one.
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Isn't there a Fake Ultimate Hero one?
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I think based on your description, MultipleChoiceChosen is a good place to start. They specifically give Neville Longbottom as an example.
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I never read the full HP series, so maybe that wasn't the best example. Maybe The Matrix wasn't the best example either. Decoy Protagonist is what I think was looking for. Thanks!
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The Matrix is a good example, but it's actually Agent Smith who is the chosen one.
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