Will Manic Panic shocking blue wash out of virgin dark blonde hair?
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Will Manic Panic shocking blue wash out of virgin dark blonde hair?

If you have used Manic Panic, specifically "shocking blue" on your dark blonde/light brown, virgin hair, did it eventually wash out? How long did it take? This question is only about their original formula, and is not about any other kind of box dye or natural dye.
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It will depend on how well your hair holds color and the condition of your hair.

Typically any blue will fade out to a weird drab blah blue grey on me after a couple weeks and then it refuses to die and I'm forced to kill it with bleach.
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I did blue and purple for a bit. I specifically chose the Sparks brand blue though after quite a bit of research into fading. Everything I saw showed that the Sparks one faded toward a lavender or gray as opposed to green which some people reported with the manic panic colors.

For me (dark blonde) it faded quite quickly into a greyish lavender - maybe a month or so? And then kinda disappeared.

However, if you want it to last, keep it in for at least 2 hours. Make your own blue conditioner with the dye. Wash with cool water as little as possible.

If you want it to come out quicker than that then wash with Head and Shoulders in hot water.

You can try a little strand test hidden somewhere in your hair and see how it does. Really that's the best test because everyone's hair takes color differently and different brands fade differently. I did like the Sparks though.
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That color Manic Panic was, fwiw, the most difficult color I ever had to dye back out. My hair is fairly light brown, and I ended up having to go get it professionally done because it had turned what I can only refer to as "swamp color." But it looked damn good while it lasted.
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I've got mostly dark brown hair with some natural dark blonde highlighty bits that I've dyed both shocking blue and ultra violet several times over the years.

For me the color lasts about two weeks max. I have short hair which I shampoo and condition every day and I don't do touch ups, so I'm really not expecting it to stick around.

Once I needed the color to be gone for an interview just a few days after doing it, and washing the dyed bits with Dawn dish soap pretty well took care of it.
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I did this! It was great for about a week - my hair even looked naturally highlighted (if blue was natural). Back then, I washed my hair about twice a week. The second week though, it turned sea hag and wasn't as fun. I believe it was gone within a month, but with more frequent washing out it would likely last less.
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It took about a month to get all the green from Manic Panic's Venus Envy out of my hair. I'm a brunette but my hair is past my shoulders and the tips have enough UV damage that they are pretty blonde and porous (I liked the cool ombre effect of the dye, though!). My stylist agreed that green/blue pigments are the most stubborn, but if your hair isn't too porous, then a month of daily shampooing should get most of it out.

I started using this shampoo to help it along towards the end when the green was just clinging on after a few weeks.
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I have heard of people who can wash color out entirely after a few weeks, but it's never been my experience, including with that one. Washing out really just means fading...

I have very fine hair and wash it frequently, so it doesn't stay vibrant as long as it would otherwise. IIRC, I was happy with the color for about two weeks, and it was vibrant for about one. If you want a longer lasting color, I've had a lot better results with the One 'n Only Argan Oil cream hair colors. They have a similar blue.

If you need it to disappear fast, I don't know. I personally wouldn't risk it... I don't think you can know because everyone's hair is different.
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I do this using their turquoise color. It looks bright through a couple washes then begins to fade to a nice shade of green which is what I wanted.
It sticks around longer on my naturally lighter streaks and almost completely fades on the darker spots in about 3 months.
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It faded out but not completely.
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It will eventually wash out, yes, and Manic Panic is faster for most people than other brands. Things that speed that process up: a brief initial dye job (let it sit for an hour or so), assiduous shampooing, long showers with lots of hot water, possibly more aggressive techniques like baking soda + shampoo (haven't tried this myself). Things that slow down fading: letting the dye sit longer initially (e.g. overnight), colder showers with limited shampoo, different dye brands (I still prefer Special Effects), fancier techniques like dye-friendly shampoo and dye supplements in conditioner.

That said: many blues will go through an unfortunate mossy stage as they fade (some go through purple/grey). If I recall, I don't think Shocking Blue has a reputation for being particularly bad on the mossy front, but the color and rate of fading will depend on your hair and your haircare methods, so if you need it to be 100% gone by a specific date (and are absolutely unwilling to consider re-coloring it if needed), I'd be cautious.

I actually haven't let my hair fade entirely since, er, I started dyeing my hair years ago, but if I'm lazy about re-dyeing, it'll be a rather muted blue-grey-brownish color (on my unbleached dirty blonde/light brown hair) a month and a half or two months in - and that's with me trying to maintain it. I suspect that were I actively trying to get rid of it, it'd be essentially gone in 2-3 months.
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Went to a shop, had them bleach the bottom two inches of my (brown) hair, then manic panic blue, then rinse it out, then put it in again. Lasted a long time -- three weeks for sure, maybe five, don't know. And then it went to green, but it wasn't a murky green, was a pretty bright, festive green. So I say if you're going to do it, bleach your hair first if you want it to last a while.
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Color Oops is fantastic at getting most colours out quickly. I've had great success with it on my kid's hair (even with Navy Punky Color.) Reds are hardest and so I always look for the extra strength for those. There's always some tint left on her bleached-out ends, but it's a great way to enable a quick change.
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