Unpredicted font behavior in MS Outlook messages
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When I use the Firefox "Email Link..." command with Outlook, I get a web link in the new message formatted in my default font (Segoe UI). After the link, there is a space and a paragraph mark which are both in Times New Roman. That means that when I add text after the link, it's in TNR. I have tried making a Signature that consists solely of one or two blank lines formatted in Segoe. Outlook 2016 keeps adding a final line in Calibri 11.

Happens with both Outlook 2010 and 2016.
(I can see that this is really picky, but it's driving me nuts!) Thanks.
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I suspect that the Times New Roman is coming from Firefox. Not that you'd ever see it nowadays, but is that your default serif font?

Other than that, I don't think that you'll fix anything that's to do with Outlook putting in random formatting by using menu settings. There's two possible outlandish options: I suspect you could have an On Event trigger in VBA that reformatted the email if it was just a link and your signature; and possibly you could edit the default email form to be all in one font.

But the Outlook solutions are pie in the sky. The Firefox one might help.
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Thanks, Ambrosen. But no go. : - (
Changed Firefox default font to Segui and it still happens.
Have never done any VBA - maybe some add in - so doubt that it's an On Event trigger.
The default email form is already in one font - that's what I check and re-checked first.
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