Simple symbols to represent four words
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Over the past several months, "Improve, Appreciate, Connect, Protect," has come to have quite a bit of meaning for me. I try to do it every day. I'd like to come up with simple symbols to represent each of the four words, so that I could visually represent this mantra for myself. Think logo-level simplicity, or the kind of images that would work well as small tattoos. What images can represent these four words?
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Those are really good. Interesting concept to think about. What about...
- Improve - a plus sign
- Appreciate - a heart or gem
- Connect - two c-shaped links
- Protect - a shield.
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↑ ♡ ↔ 🛡
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Improve ⬆️
Appreciate 💙
Connect 🔀
Protect ⚕️

Could see incorporating the arrow motif into the heart and the Hippocratic symbol too.
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Improve - stylised chart with bars on chart increasing
Appreciate - thumbs up
Connect - two hands giving a handshake
Protect- umbrella
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This image came to me: A human heart with a flaming sword in front of it, with a blazing star at its upright tip, and two hands conjoined at the base of the sword to hold it. The crest of the House of Ocherdraco!
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^ <3 >< |
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OK, the above is not very representative (how do we do images here??), but that was supposed (!) to be 4 arrows arranged in a circle (so all the stick-ends in, and the arrow-ends out):

Left-pointing arrow: Protect (what is aready here or what has come before)
Up-pointing arrow: Improve (upward improvement)
Right-pointing arrow: Connect (outward)
Down-pointing arrow: Appreciate (the here and now)
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Light bulb, hands clasped together/flower bouquet, wires, umbrella.
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Maybe something like these hands.
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You may want to try running each term through the search tool at The Noun Project.
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That is a fabulous website.
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Improve ⬆️
Appreciate ↔️
Connect ➡️⬅️
Protect ↖️↗️

(the arrows should actually be crossing each other for Protect but I couldn't find an emoji for that...)
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