How to find out my representative's schedule of public appearances?
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I'm newly part of a political action group, and part of our activities involve showing up to town-hall or press-related meetings of our local members of Congress. Mine happen to be Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (both of whom are extremely busy and hard to find), and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, representative of my district. But many of these appearances aren't often made public on a calendar or newsletter. What resources can I use to find them?

I'm specifically looking to track Congressman Jeffries's public appearances (and times when he'll be in his local office in Brooklyn). For more info on what I'm trying to get info on and why, look at
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Best answer: The Town Hall Project is maintaining an amazing Google Docs spreadsheet.
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I'd try calling the office and asking. You may even be able to get a meeting for your group -- I'm in a similar group for my area, and we were able to get one set up with our Senator -- I would have to imagine a congressional rep SHOULD be even easier since it's a smaller constituency.

Also -- if you are going to get a large group together to protest, let the media know. Our group was on Rachel Maddow along with several others!
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I made a super-quick map of what is available on that town halls spreadsheet as of now using fusion tables.
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I made another map of the latest data. It doesn't include anything that doesn't at least have a street address.
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