What is this itchy, hard spot inside my nostril?
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I have a tiny bump inside my right nostril, on the side where it meets in the middle of the nose. It sometimes appears when the weather is very dry like right now. What is it?

It itches, hurts or generally annoys me during the day. It does not look or feel like a zit or skin tag as it is hard, like something between scar tissue or plastic. It is also not red, but whitish. Any idea what is is, has this happened to anyone else? It is not always there...most of the time my nostrils are normal, but when it appears, no amount of lotion, vaseline, oil or whatever I put in there seems to help.
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I get these. Don't know what they are.
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Me too; I think they're just canker sores that have traveled upward a bit.
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Possibly a small, recurring cyst? Cysts can be quite hard, come and go as they please, and no, lotion or vaseline is not going to help. Try a warm compress a few times a day and see if that helps.
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Nummular eczema? Usually found on extremities, but I get patches inside my ears.
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They are white, dry and hard and when you poke them, they feel like crusted on boogers but they are not, right? I have one on each side of my septum. No idea what those are; I have had them for years.
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I used to have one of those, for years, maybe my whole life. One day around age 20 I decided to see if I could "pop" it. A shocking amount of hard white stuff eventually came out. It healed up and I no longer have one. The end.
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Could it be staph? I get something similar in my nose and some neosporin up there clears it up.
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Yes exactly DarlingBri! Thanks to the others who said you also get them...we may not know what they are but at least we're not alone. Oh and septum, right, thanks for reminding me that word exists.

I'm trying tea tree oil now but maybe some neosporin next.
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