Sniff. Blow nose. Ouch!
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Why does my nose hurt after a cold? I'm starting to get over a cold from hell - lots of nasal congestion (went through two boxes of Kleenex). I'm finally on my feet, but the right side of my nose - starting about where the cartilage/bone starts - is really sore. Any pressure on that side of my nose causes a throbbing pain.

Did I sprain something after four days of nonstop nose-blowing? Secondary infection? Bonus points for treatment tips. Little more info: Never had any sinus problems. No pain in face, no earaches.
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You probably just pressed on it too much. Take some advil or something and you should be fine in a few days.
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The mucous membranes of the nose are sensitive and days of agressive blowing etc. will aggravate them to the point of bleeding on occasion. Id say youve just slightly damaged a delicate part of the anatomy that will recover quickly by itself..
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(Underground inner nostril zit)
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I recently had a cold and the same thing happened to me. It got so bad one night that I couldn't sleep because just breathing hurt. I ended up stuffing a tissue up that nostril to block the air flow. It was MUCH better when I woke up in the morning.
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Do you take Sudafed when you have a cold? That always seems to make the end of my nose--the cartilage bulb, not the lining--hurt. As to why, I don't know.
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Best answer: Sounds exactly like the last sinus infection I had, though after a couple of days I started getting some soreness under my eyes too. The first symptom was intense pain right where the cartilage meets the bone anytime my nose was touched; not a good thing when you have a rambunctious 2-year-old.
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Congestion is the swelling of the vessels in the nose. Any swelling for a long period of time with blowing is going to take time to heal. I used a nasal spray (not longer than 3 days) to alleviate this. I'm not sure though whether to try this if you think you may have a sinus infection.
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Best answer: Get yourself a neti pot, about $12 at Walgreens and just generally a good idea if you have sinus problems, allergies, etc. I've never had an easier time of it than this allergy season, and my immunologist once described me as "the most allergic person I've ever treated." 'Snot pretty but it works!!
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2nding UGINZ. I get these. There is usually a little redness on the exterior. It goes away in a few days. If you are "lucky" it will come to a head inside the nasal passage and eventually burst. Good times!
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Response by poster: Just went to a doc in the box who confirmed a sinus infection and prescribed, in addition to antibiotics, the neti pot. Thanks all!
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