Searching for specific heart rate monitor.
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I'm in search of a wearable heart rate monitor, with a very specific range of functions.

I'm having difficulty wading through the plethora of exercise oriented wearables out on the market, and can't seem to get a straight answer on any of them based on my criteria. The heart rate monitor must fulfill these three criteria, if it doesn't it won't work for my application. I am trying to find a wearable heart rate monitor that:

1. Will let me set a 'high limit alarm' that will let me know when my heart rate reaches a certain point.
2. The alarm needs to be silent.
3. Is wearable, and relatively low profile.

I would prefer a solution that is not wrist based. I'd rather it be invisible to anyone but myself, but that's not a deal breaker. Ideally, I would like to set a second alarm for when my heart rate lowers to a 'normal.' These aren't deal breakers.
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Previously. You might contact the previous asker to see if they figured anything out.
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For what it's worth, the Ticker X (Chest Strap based HRM) /used/ to do this (vibrated when you past a heart-rate zone) but it ate the battery quickly so they removed the feature.

I believe it's possible to downgrade the firmware to re-enable that feature though.
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The Garmin Forerunner 230, or 235 (and I believe the 220 and 225 as well) can do that with a few grains of salt. You'd need to configure custom heart rate zones, you'd want to use the "other" activity and set gps off, the high (and potentially low) alarm heart rate zones, and configure the alert sounds to be vibration only. Then you would always be recording this other activity (which limits the rest of what the watch can do). The 235 and 225 come with optical wrist based monitor, and support ant+ heart rate monitors. The 220 and 230 only support ant+ heart rate monitors. The 225/235 optical HR sensor doesn't run while the devices charge. The 225/235 will only use one HR source at a time.

As I noted in the previous ask that gregr linked:, A pebble, combined with a bluetooth 4 capable smart phone, and a wahoo tickr (or other bluetooth heart rate monitor) and the AeroTrackerPlus app would also support this, but you'd always need to be running this app.
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Ah, I mis-read the wrist-based request. I'll note that either watch option could be "worn" in your pocket while wearing a chest strap based sensor. The pebble has a significantly stronger vibration than Garmin 235 I know from experience.
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