Looking for an Australian Immigration Agent
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I need help finding an Australian Immigration Agent or advice on how to find one.

I am an Australian living in the US with my same-sex partner, a US citizen. We are parents to two boys adopted in California. I want to establish Australian citizenship for the kids and find out what's involved in bringing my wife to Australia as an immigrant should that become desirable.

I want to work with a registered migration agent on the east coast of Australia, preferably in Sydney or Canberra. Lists of agents are easy to find but recommendations are harder. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations they'd like to share? Does anyone have any ideas about how to make judgements about lawyers from afar?

Thank you for your help and company.
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Will send you a PM.
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Travellingincognito: thank you. I messaged you back.
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This was harder than I'd have thought possible. I had contact with three agents to whom I outlined my circumstances. The first answered promptly and then faded away; the second outlined a plan of action and then wouldn't answer follow up questions. Then acting on advice I got privately in response to this question I searched for lawyers/agents who had been involved in public cases. This found me a list of LGBTQ friendly lawyers from which I selected the name of the person with whom I am now working. I'm hoping things work out and that my boys will be batting for Australia at some point.

Thank you to the people who responded.
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