Where to find inexpensive non-toxic Yoga Mat for Stretching
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Hi Hivemind- I am starting PT again for issues with my back. I can help myself now by starting my stretching regime. I had a great yoga mat before we moved that I no longer have. We have hard floors and I am looking for a thick yoga mat (lots of cushion). I have read that there are toxic chemicals in yoga mats (PVC, among others). I am looking for a non-toxic yoga mat that is reasonable it price. I would love any personal experience as well. Thank you~
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I have this one which is extremely cushy, and says "no toxins", whatever that means
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I'm a big fan of this jute mat.
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Here is an example of what bamboo can do. I bought a large on of these, bamboo on top and cushioning fiber boundary and back. I love this for yoga.
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PVC provides the best "cushiness" of any of the common yoga mat materials (rubber, cork, jute, cotton, PVC, other plastics). Rubber has the second most, but as you might have found, the rubber (and cork) mats are by far the most expensive. If you're determined to avoid plastics but don't want to spend $$$ you can keep an eye on your local craigslist or yoga facebook group to find people selling used rubber or cork mats.
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OK,I'll spend the money, whats the best to go with? thanks!!!
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